SOAR Internship Information

What is SOAR?

SOAR’s aim is to promote SOcial-emotional Adjustment and Resilience in children in Oswego County, NY. It currently entails a partnership between SUNY Oswego and the Hannibal Central School District, where trained college student volunteers visit elementary school classrooms to work with children who may be at-risk for developing social and emotional difficulties.

What do college students do in SOAR?

College students accepted into the SOAR program are first trained to deliver social and emotional skills training using the Second Step® protocol. Second Step® is an evidence-based protocol that is used in many school districts across the nation. After training, college students become intervention/prevention program associates who visit school one to two times per week to deliver the Second Step® program to children.

What are the SOAR program requirements?

Participation in SOAR is a year-long (Fall/Spring semester) commitment. In addition to the initial training, associates will visit classrooms roughly one to two times per week, and will be expected to attend weekly meetings and complete program-related academic assignments. Associates earn a total of three credits (allocated at the end of the Spring semester) once they complete the program. (In the Fall, students will be given an “Incomplete” grade.)

Who should join SOAR?

Students with backgrounds in psychology, human development, education, and communications are encouraged to join SOAR. Other majors are also welcome. Although the project has a minimum GPA requirement, it is imperative the Associates also possess excellent social skills and have the ability to work with children in an open and comfortable way. Associates who participate in this project earn very valuable training in delivering prevention/intervention services to children, which will make them competitive candidates for jobs and graduate school. We also have opportunities for Associates to remain in the program for multiple years.


Students who are interested in joining SOAR must meet the following requirements:

1. Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing

2. Minimum GPA of 3.0 in all coursework; 3.3 GPA or higher preferred

3. Passing grade in PSY320 or HDV322. If these courses have not been taken, they must be taken during participation in SOAR during the Fall semester

4. Willingness to make a full year (Fall/Spring) commitment to the program

Students who meet these requirements should apply to join the program. Application forms can be downloaded from here and emailed to Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and personal interviews will be conducted with candidates who we feel could best meet the program specifications.

Questions about SOAR can be directed to Dr. Matt Dykas (